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Building Blockchain Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts - What are they?

Partially or fully self executing contracts as a piece of software.

Applications ?

Consumer based



Ethereum Smart Contracts - DAPPS Distributed Applications

In Ethereum, smart contracts are first written using a human readable high-level language such as Solidity, and then compiled or converted into machine-readable bytecode. The bytecode is then executed by a program called Ethereum Virtual Machine or EVM for short. In an Ethereum blockchain, the EVM executes smart contracts in a sandboxed environment. In other words, smart contracts running an EVM are completely isolated, and have limited or no access to networks, the file system, or other resources outside of the blockchain. This secure design primarily aids in verifying transactions of a smart contract. When a smart contract is deployed on the blockchain, it is copied and deployed on all the participating nodes of the network, and when the smart contract is invoked, all nodes execute the smart contract and thus independently verify the resulting transaction.

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